Tuesday, March 16, 2004

The books are mine!!!!
Vinne be cursed for making me spend.
Purchased today two books that I really wanted. The Outcaste book for Exalted, and the Time of Judgment book for White Wolf. Though both books set me back almost Php3000 bucks, I would like to still believe they were purchases worth making. Now all I need is a job that doesn't require that much time so I can run games more often.

Also, got Quark Henares' script for Siglo:Passion today. Damn, the guy really has a lot of talent. Astig plot niya and once again I am having cold feet in doing justice to his script. Hay. I wish I could buy self-confidence by the bottle. Since I was jeered at and made fun of by certain people back in my college days, I guess I never really recovered from the emotional scarring. Nowadays, I'm made of stronger stuff, but I guess things that whack at your foundations during the younger years are really hard to get over.

I gotta do this. I gotta prove to myself I can do this.

Here's hoping I can.

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