Sunday, February 15, 2004

DAY 14
In brief...
Ran two Vampire games. Both went well. Still, had barely three players for each game. Whereas four years ago, I was struggling to make openings for far too many people, I guess this is merely proof that d20 has taken the gaming community with a storm. But then again, I ain't complaining! Had a blast running the Gehenna scenarios I had set up and it was wonderful seeing the players really enjoy.
Met Larry Elmore. Chatted, had some pictures taken, then got some free postcards from him which he ditifully signed. Really nice dude, Larry. Invited him to the Philippines and he said he'd try some time within the year!
All in all, a much better day than yesterday.

Need sleep like hell though.
Barely slepy yesterday prepping. Pushing 24 hours.
Off to bed... after I eat my really late dinner.

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