Thursday, February 12, 2004

Okay, here are the delayed but finally online Boston pictures!
Hmm.. I better prep a website to host the full-sized pics somewhere soon.

Yeech! I really look sick in this pic eh? Well, that explains it then.. I was!

My gosh! SNOW! The last time I recalled touching snow, I didn't even have pubic hair then! Oops! Was that too much information? Heheheh..

Visiting the Massachussets Institute of Technology

Supposedly, the Media Center has some of the latest technology for non-linear editing as well as cinema/television work. Well, unfortunately I got there to find out it wasn't open.

Feeling Good Will Hunting, eh?

Frankly, I think the money spent to build such an artsy building like this one below could have been better spent for scholarships or maybe even funding for other things that could be more beneficial. Some times art isn't really anything more than just aesthetics.

Make no mistake though, my trip to Boston was exceptionally fun and memorable! Thank you to everyone there who made sure I was very comfortable and well-cared for! Miss you all already! Maybe I can visit some time during Autumn and see everything again this time swatched in colors and warmth!

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