Sunday, February 22, 2004

Back home and taking...
...another step closer to the end of the world.

Held the third game session of White Wolf's VAMPIRE: THE MASQUERADE Gehenna game with my troupe last Saturday night with the should-have-worn-pants Jaguarlord in attendance to see the game unfold. I have to admit, I felt pretty nervous at first, wondering if he'll find the immersiveness of my games a tad.. uh, uncomfortable. I admit, when I run games, I have a tendancy to forget that I'm narrating a story and get caught up into portraying the roles and the sound effects to the fullest. I try to make each scene feel like a movie that runs before you and unfolds with twists and tense-building moments that make you squirm as much as the characters you play squirm.

I guess I did good.
See Jaguarlord's most generous review at his blog.

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