Sunday, January 04, 2004

Sunday is the time... look back at the past few days and recall things I failed to post.

Well, here it goes:

The Buddha blesses me
Met the amazing Andrew Drilon whose writing and artistic skills grace the well-received and critically respected SIGLO:FREEDOM comic anthology. For someone of his age, I sure found myself feeling a tad... intimidated. I tell you, he's an old soul and his brain is fifty-times the magnificent organ it is compared to typical folks like myself. Felt mucho appreciated when he mentioned he had me listed among people he wants to work on a collab with. Well, here's to hoping i deliver.

The Great Guru celebrates a Birthday!
Happy birthday to you, Master.
Wish I knew about it sooner. I could have freed-up some time to join yah celebrate it!

I learned that Gypsies travel light
But they never forget the best stories.
Sometimes, the stories are best kept in one's memory.
After all, sky-diving without parachutes is always stupid. Especially if you're intended to land in different countries.
Just sit back, relax, and enjoy the view while standing on that ledge.

Roaring with Demons
Had another Demon: the Fallen session for my The Devil Made Me Do It campaign. Sam, Seth and Aldwin hung around with me at the apartment for the game session. It was cool, although I wish they were'nt falling asleep during the last few turns. But I guess the long travel from Paranaque to San Juan took its toll on them.

Work work work
Yeah, Sundays ain't complete without some work to handle in the friggin morning.
Oh, yes, that was sarcasm, mind you.

Nothing like Mahfood
If you haven't heard of Jim Mahfood, trust me you are missing a huge chunk of your life. His work may not look like much at first glance, when compared to the comic industry's avalanche of artists, but get a chance to read some of his works and I tell you, it can be a life changing moment.

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