Sunday, January 04, 2004

New Year Open Message
There are so much people out there whom I remember if not still currently hold dear to me. This is an open message to you all.

Hey all, its a new year!
Anyway, I just wanted to say:

1) I'm sorry
I'm sorry for not being in touch. I'm sorry for being too in touch. I'm sorry for being a stupid, pig-headed, annoying son-of-a-bitch, I'm sorry for being too sensitive, I'm sorry for being insensitive, I'm sorry for thinking I could make everyone happy, I'm sorry for not choosing to make you happy, I'm sorry for being me, I'm sorry for not accepting you as you are, and I'm sorry for not giving you a chance of accepting me for who I am.

2) I miss you
I miss you for the laughs. I miss you for the company. I miss you for each and every moment that my life was made richer by your presence in it, I miss you for the times I needed someone to be the shoulder I can cry on, I miss you for the assurance that I am accepted as who I am, I miss you for the fact I do.

3) I hope
I hope someday we find ourselves meeting again and realising we have gone a long way from the way things were and yet the chance to rekindle friendships and lives is never too late.

Happy New Year everyone!

and God Bless!



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