Monday, January 05, 2004

Just another manic monday...
Ah, back to work.
Back to the melancholy of overtime, underpaid experience.
Well, at least I got free access to the net, a scanner, and pages of Diliman to prep for release.
Issue twelve is getting more complicated, bigger and (well for me) disturbing an issue.

Wish it was Sunday...
So I have more time to play BEYOND GOOD AND EVIL. For a Playstation 2 game, it is amazing! It has stolen the ideas of Zelda's very intuitive interface and transformed it into an incredible mix of X-Files, Fifth Element and Mission Impossible.

Cause that's my fun day..
Going videoke this week. Either Thursday or Friday.
Finally going to see Carl again.
Miss the guy. Without him, a lot of who I am now would have never happened. And a lot of what I do now and have made as of today would cease to exist.


I don't have to run Day...
Have lots of people to meet up with today. Lots of catching up to do.
Well, it could be worse... they could have been people I DON'T want to meet up with.
Life is good...

...Its just another manic Monday.
It is 11:00am. That means 13 hours to go.

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