Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Checking on my list of things to accomplish

Top Ten Non-Work related things to Do
10. Get Bangungot done

Still working on it

9. Get Episode 11 of Nearly Forgotten done

Uh, probably when I realise what to put as the eleventh episode

8. Update Memento Mori website

Well, considering there hasn't been time to run another game session for it, I guess I haven't done so.

7. Finish DEMON:The Fallen Revised Torment rules.

Hmm. Considering how the idea was received by the forums I was in, I think this is indefinitely cancelled for now.

6. Work on Crux RPG artwork at last

This seems to be dead. The people behind the project kinda quit. Well, will have to wait and see.

5. Finish my Musical: Jesus Deux

Hmm.. have to find inspiration for this. Probably while on the plane headed for California.

4. Work on the Gryffin and Sabine RPG, the RPG: Musical and the Final Fantasy X rpg adaptation using Exalted system

On hold til I finish the GEHENNA game.

3. Get issue 12 of Diliman done

Almost! ALMOST!

2. Get cooperative-project with Ner out.

Yes, WAN is now available at COMICQUEST!

1. Get solo print project (codename: Pintado) out.

Possibly shelved. Considering some other project instead. Not to mention have the collab with Elbert to do first.

DAMN... ONE out of ten projects. That's bad.
Gotta be more... creative.

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