Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Buffy and Explosions
Ayan na naman.. mga bastos!

Well, opted to watch the first episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, as recommened by the great Oliver. I have to admit I was never that much a fan of the show. My preferrences for vampires were always more towards the approaches of White Wolf Gaming Studio's Vampire:the Masquerade, or maybe even d20's Ravenloft.

Anyway, having gotten hope pretty late (around 12:45 in the morning) thanks to work and a stupid co-worker's inability to properly schedule his time, I decided to take a stab at an episode to calm down before heading for bed.

Halfway through the pilot episode, THE HARVEST, it happens.

There is a light bulb at the front of my apartment door. A single bulb, to illuminate the area outside my apartment so I don't grope around in the dark when I step out, nor step at the many cats our neighbors have running around.

The light bulb exploded.
It gave out a loud popping sound, small sparks flew and it died.

Well, that was it for the evening. I shut the switch. Closed the house and typed this up.
I just hope I don't find myself in a burning house before dawn.

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