Wednesday, December 10, 2003

At the risk of a repeat of the horrible experience months ago, I opted to send out another note to an old friend. It took long enough, I guess, to realise that I did owe him an apology. It didn't matter if the other side too had faults. It didn't matter if the other side cared to try and heal and see if a friendship can be resusitated.

All that mattered is that I was finally at peace with the past.

And all that matters was that those who I really, truly deemed as friends or as people worth being friends with knew that I still hoped to be such again.

Time will tell if this act of reparation of the past's horrible scars will be met with drama-queen accusations or with a honest and kinder reply. Time will tell if friendships born, nurtured and grown for nearly four whole years of one's life can actually resurrect from the misgivings of a few miscommunicated attempts at defending one's opinions.

Time will tell.

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