Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Upswing without warning

This came in my e-mail today.
It was a very pleasant surprise.

Posting it here without the pertinent details which may invade another's privacy.

Im *****, a student of ********. Im
interested in mounting your play for my directing class(*******). I have not
directed any play before and I think SPICE could make a good start for
me. Do you ask fees for your scripts? Sana hindi kasi hindi po ako
mayaman. I'm also thinking about altering some things. I will send you the
revised script once you let me mount it here in *****.

Here is my cellphone number (*********) so you can reach me anytime
you want. Thank you and good day! :)

Grabe, I tell you. This was really a huge boost to my ego as well as self-esteem.
Know I have an inkling of a molecule of an experience of what it can feel like to be Dean Alfar. Someday, I'll have them Palanca awards too.
And a fantastic wife and daughter.

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