Tuesday, December 09, 2003

Second request...
Okay, now I really really got this HUGE smile on my face.
Joker and I are probably close to being twins now (minus of course the green hair and killer jokes).
Got my second request for one of my plays to be produced.

December 8, 2003

Dearest Sir:


I am a XXXXXXX at the XXXXXXXX major in Speech Communication. The course requires us to take at most 9 units from the other major areas which are Theater and Writing. As for my Theater subjects, I am currently enrolled in a Directing class (XXXXXX). The class requires us to direct a one-act play.

With regards to this, I would like to ask permission from you to allow me to direct one of your plays which is the "Ka Tulong". It was a classmate who suggested that i visit your website. I personally like the play. I would be very thankful if you allow me to direct your play.

I am really hoping for your positive response on this matter.

Respectfully yours,

I feel soooo happy! It is nice to be read and appreciated.
Konti na lang... at apat na Palanca na lang... and a shaved head... medyo Dean na ako!

Fun pa.. not too long ako, I opted to show this very play to Quark Henares (yes, THAT Quark) and he says its got promise too! I see now it really does.

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