Monday, December 01, 2003

Oooh Poop
I don't know if I really still want to work on DILIMAN or comics anymore.
Right now is just an emotional dead day for me. I hate it when these attacks happen. Sudden surges of "What's the point?" and "No one reads it anyhow!"

Doesn't make sense.
Just last friday, I bumped into Apa Ongpin again in the office and he was asking me when the next installment of Diliman was coming out. Heck, he even offered to send me a copy of Acrobat so I can make the pdf versions of the comic (for those who don't like the idea of clicking page after page, he said).

Maybe its the feeling that I'm just fooling myself that the comic is worth reading.
Or making.

Or maybe its the feeling that I'm not really devoting enough time to it now.. thus I'm coming up with these reasons not to continue it anymore.

Ah poop.
I probably need another emotional enema.
Or a muse to give me head or something.

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