Thursday, December 04, 2003

Morning Urges
Head out of gutter, you. Didn't mean that!

Its just about hit 10:00am and I've been craving for three things: ice cream, a nicely toasted (slightly overcooked) hotdog and a cool glass of ice tea. Gnahh... been struggling to return my AB to the abs I used to have. I mean seriously, I once had immaculate little bun-like bumps on my belly which I gained from my devotion to swimming, gym as well as other full body... uh, activities. But with my life becoming more work and friend oriented, I lost the time for swimming, the finances for gym as well as the opportunities for the... uh... other activities. So I have an AB.

Well, back on track, been watching what I eat and stretching the time between meals. Add to that the sudden desire to cut down on other not so healthy hobbies and you got a tempermental young man with a rollercoaster for a brain when it comes to whether or not its a good or bad day.

Still, I recall someone once told me, "There isn't really any truth if a day has been good or bad. Good or bad days are a perspective of looking at the day." Honestly, I don't recall who said that, but there are times that just sounds like a huge fucking load of bull.

Other days, I think its shit.
Still, shit does make the flowers grow, eh?

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