Tuesday, December 30, 2003

I'm probably getting older
Just send out a note to an old schoolmate whom I once shared a great friendship with. Sometime just before the end of my stay in the college, we broke off the friendship in very bad terms. Hopping around Friendster.com I found myself finding a picture of someone who looks like her, has the same first name, and now has a kid.

Suddenly, a sense of regret overwhelmed me.

I guess its only in your mid-twenties that one realises that friendships broken off back in the younger years tend to have been severed for very shallow reasons. And even if the reasons didn't seem shallow then, its around this time of age that one realises that friendships need not be given such an endangered status.

So, swallowing a five year old lump of pride, I opted to send her a note and a New Years greeting hoping she too has realised how petty the reason for breaking the friendship was.

Of course, I could be wrong.
And she may still hate my guts.

But I guess now I realise there's no true harm in trying to show old friends-turned enemies the first step to regaining closeness can come from someone they thought would never grow up.

I feel tempted to send similar notes to a bunch of other people whom I used to proudly call "my friends."
But I'm afraid they'd simply read the attempt as "another manipulative attempt" or something. Here's to hoping I overcome my worries and just do it before the year ends.

I want next year to start clean.
And with less unnecessary hate in the world.

My golly, the sun is up!
And I am still awake.
Gotta grab some sleep.
Have a roleplaying game to run around 7:00p.m. tonight.

And yes, obviously, growing up doesn't have to mean becoming boring and aborting the inner child.

Advance Happy New Year people!
Oh, and Belated Merry Christmas!

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