Tuesday, December 16, 2003

First one out...
Just survived an immensely painful and taxing wisdom tooth extraction today. Typically, a wisdom tooth can be extracted in an hour of minor surgery. This one took much longer due to the fact that the tooth's root (the portion below which keeps it from popping out when you bite really hard things) was hooked on to the bone of the jaw, and was actually nearly twice as large as the crown itself.

I had to take over ten anesthesia injections to get the job done. There was a point I couldn't feel anything but pressure when the tooth was yanked, until the inner root of the tooth scraped against the bone. God knows how much pain I had to endure then. It wasn't until the dentist practically stabbed the needle into the tooth's center that the pain finally ceased enough for it to pop out.

Still tasting blood in my tongue.
Not to mention due to the immense amount of anesthetic, its now seeming into my neck and chest, giving me aches and pains with each cough or swallow.


Losing wisdom can be a terrible torture-like experience, know I see.

And sadly, may isa pang wisdom tooth na kailangan alisin.
I don't think I can do it again.

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