Monday, November 03, 2003

Pre-production has begun with the project that has the world's worst clients. Although we struggle each and every time to look at it in a better light, it just is so hard to do so. My boss must have sensed my lack of enthusiasm for the project. I mean, honestly, how often does one receive a text message that reads;

I know that despite the odds, you can still create magic with these ads. Never give up!

God Bless her, my boss is truly a nice woman.
She can be hard to understand at times, when she gives in to additional projects even when we already are all swamped, but when she tries to show you support, she really does succeed.

Its strange.

I'm happy to work under her. I can see every effort she places into making us enjoy our jobs. Heck, she succeeded in a request we had a year ago (Which was to get us to attend the Ad Congress) and is still fighting to get us the stuff we wanted to work with (such as new hardware, software and styluses for the macs!).

I guess one really learns to see the silver-lining in things when one first accepts the fact some shit has to be embraced.

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