Friday, October 10, 2003

It is 3:30pm. 2 and a half more hours before freedom!
Gawd... I can't wait til the weekend starts.
Everything is moving sooooo slow.

Well, there are good things:

Sidereals is mine!
Finally got myself a copy of The Exalted: Sidereals. It was quite expensive but yeah, I'm happy I bought it. The rules are strange and complicated but damn it looks like a really good game. I just hope I get to absorb all this soon enough.

Kingdom Hearts OST
FINALLY! I have been looking all over for this soundtrack for nearly two years now! Thank you Seth for finding it! Well, the best track for me is track 2 of the first disk. KINGDOM Orchestra Instrumental gives one a clear feel of the epic-range of emotions and things you have to achieve in the game. Ah... if only they'd release the sequel soon enough.

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