Wednesday, September 03, 2003

Somewhere out there, people are cheering
Colin Farrell's Great Gay Romp...

Irish heartthrob Colin Farrell is about to take on a very risqué new role in his latest movie Alexander The Great, the young Dubliner will have to enact his first gay love scene.

Colin Farrell's rise to fame has been confirmed as the 27 year old actor, who celebrated his birthday yesterday, has been given his first starring role in Alexander the Great. In the past Colin has costarred movies with Al Pacino, Bruce Willis, and Tom Cruise.

But the role requires Colin to hop into bed with another man for a good old fashioned gay romp in the Oliver Stone directed movie.

Colin said of his role: "Alexander The Great was bisexual. Back then there was no phrase for that. It was just the way society existed. It was just sexuality and about making love to men and women."

We wonder if Colin will take a Daniel Day-Lewis approach to the role and immerse himself completely into the 'ins-and-outs' of the character? Doubtful...

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