Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Overtime... Over na.
23 hours of overtime just this September 1 -15 pay period.
My god.
And its only the 17th of September, I've already clocked in 6 hours of overtime.
And frighteningly, these are hours not given my choice but due to necessity.
With the load of projects I handle, I've averaged something like ten storyboards in two weeks duration.
Just last Friday, I accomplished 9 of them in that single day alone.
Not to mention this awful project where I have to make a billboard design. The STUPID suppliers demanded I give them the final artwork in ACTUAL SIZE. My god. Ever tried to open a 40 foot x 40 foot photoshop image file?
Jazz it up with filters? Resize it? Save it?

Oh, the agony of it all.

And I'm not even getting laid anymore.
Where is the justice in that?


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