Monday, September 08, 2003

Mondays are long and boring
Its Monday again. Gosh, why does the weekend always pass you by so quickly.
Lots of interesting twists and turns so far within the last 48 hours. Its hard to imagine everything so quickly come to a halt the moment Monday rears its head. Well, we make the most of what we can.

End of All Sorrows rises to higher peaks
My currently on-going tabletop Exalted game has reached a new zenith. With the players achieving the unthinkable (They destroyed the deathlord known as the Dowager, as well as got into Malfeans, made deals with a Yozi and other demons and killed the Scarlet Empress) as well as bringing my plot forward far faster than I anticipated (One player started forming an army.. something I planned to get them to consider doing only after four more sessions. Another decided to finish reading the Broken-Wing Crane which I planned to be a major decision to be done after around six more sessions.) I found myself excitedly mapping out the coming next four sessions with much more relish than before. One thing for certain though, I need to stock up with more double AA alkaline batteries. Can't have my music CD player running out of energy before the session ends again.

Bumped into an old friend named Chris yesterday. We used to meet up quite often, having coffee and trading stories. Shared lots of laughs and reminisced on a lot of things. A pity how the world can at times be cruel on those instances you find yourself just enjoying the moment. But I guess a little rain does have to fall at times.
Till the next chance we get to talk and have coffee, buddy.

Trading trades!
In the spirit of sharing and we-don't-have-much-moolah, Carl and I shall be exchanging a few Tbps to expand on our reading. I'll be lending him my The Authority, while he'll lend me Blankets. I wonder if I'll enjoy reading Blankets. I tend to be quite picky in my readings. And wary of those that might be too commonly popular (hence you don't really see me reading books like Avengers, Superman and the like, but I dig my teeth into stuff like Kabuki, Xombi and Shadow Cabinet.

I want to go singing (again).
Mag-vi-videoke ako this Thursday.
Hopefully, others can join me in my crooning and singing.
Somehow, I sense it might be a cold solo though.

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