Sunday, August 24, 2003

Shame, Songs, Smoke and Secret Nipples
Friday was a wet day.
Wet with fun, music, laughter and new faces.
The place: Music21.
The people: The "makes me so envious of how happy they are together" Dean and Nikki Alfar, the "forever Diyosa of ZsaZsa with a voice I can only dream of having" Carl, the "innocent crooning child-molestation target" El, the "Michael Jackson look-alike during the plastic surgery hype" Charles and the "Big discount Boy band Sodomy biktima" Vinnie and me.
The event: a videoke session to release all the stress, exhaustion, depression and urge to spend one night and just sing our hearts out.

And boy, it was good.
I mean, GOOD!

Never before had a videoke session crossed so many boundaries in one night: From fairy tale references ("Pumpkin deadlines?") to memories of Schindler's list... pedophilia love stories to secret nipples... to flavored condoms and their nicotine-rich cousins... I tell you, to have been there would have been an experience to relish. And remember.

I do hope this does become a monthly thing to say the least. And I know, I know... soon as this is posted, at least one person would probably tease me that I'm the one who doesn't make myself available on SATURDAYS. But yeah, I'd love to have this event become a norm. It was a release long needed... and one that came at a perfect time too.

I do promise, though, when it happens again...
There'll be no pumpkin-deadlines for me.
And yes, you'll all know the Dancing Queen steps by then.

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