Friday, August 29, 2003

I have a Clone too it seems!
After reading Carl's blog on his clones and the like, I have suddenly discovered this morning that it seems I have one too. You see, here at ABS-CBN we have an upcoming event called Kapamilya Homecoming where everyone who was once an employee or is still currently an employee of ABS-CBN shall have a party with free food, numerous raffles and lots of great music and presentations. All who are attending are requested to register; food stubs and an identification card for the night's events being given out as s.o.p. to ensure everyone gets something to eat and does not get lost.

Lo and behold, I discovered much to my surprise today that someone had already registered my name! More surprisingly is the two fact that a) To register you need to present your office identification card b) subsidiaries are only allowed to register today, but the person who registered my name did it yesterday,

Somewhere out there in the office, someone has an extra set of foodstubs and the like because he or she used my name. Of course, I got worried. What if that same person has been applying for loans in my name? What if that person uses my name to get it on with the chicks backstage? What if that same person was actually collecting my salary in secret!

Doubtful, I admit, but still possibilities which can make a man worry.

So rather than worry, I have decided to imagine maybe it means I have a clone out there.
Someone with my skill, my face, my talent.... egad.. can the world handle two Tobies?
Not to mention, it does bring to mind interesting absurd thoughts of redefining the meaning of the word masturbation.

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