Saturday, August 09, 2003

Frustrations that keep rising
Somewhere along the way, I suddenly realised how much I hate the way certain aspects of my life have been running. Pardon the vagueness of the post. I guess its just that this really is more of a shout-out for releasing stress rather than an attempt to hear opinions or views.

Movies can be cruel.
They keep showing you all these wonderful moments and ways to have a life. They keep revealing you a life which you can never really have and yet will urge you and prod you to embrace such illusions.

Sometimes, I close my eyes and look at the darkness that forms and imagine;
I imagine a place where I once laughed and sang and danced. I imagine moments in my life when I would leap headlong into
uncertainity with a smile on my face. I imagine the tight hugs. The imagine the warm kisses. I imagine the soft whispers as a hand kneads through my hair.

I imagine all those wonderful moments in my life.
And I transform it into one single moment.

But sometimes, I close my eyes and all I could realise is how much I feel like crying. And I can only recall the sad melodies and heart-twisting songs that seem to suddenly play when the world refuses to go my way.

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