Thursday, July 17, 2003

Its nearly 10p.m.
And horror of horros I am still at work.
My stomach has been acting up again. I think the amoebas inside are starting to revolt. They are demanding food, coke and the occasional cigarette! Sigh.

Work load has risen to an all time high! And what's even worse is that the same project that you'd be told to rush to meet a deadline is the same project they'd suddenly place on hold the SAME FUCKING DAY! I don't really know anymore how my work is supposed to be approached. I used to love these challenges. I used to love the multi-faceted expectations of actually serving clients in North America, Middle East and Europe in one single day.

Now, frankly,

I dunno if my recent bouts of sickness and fatigue are actual sickness or stress.
Companies should have a section on their regulations on stress. Employees should be permitted to get compensation for such internal and emotional damage, damn it!


Weekend worries
My weekend plans are shot. I dunno what's going to happen. On one hand, I want to start MODELS and get character creation started. But on the other hand, I want to hold my usual Exalted game with T.R.O.P.A. (The Roleplayers Of Paranaque Area) since one of our members feared lost to the "world of Call center odd hours" is actually coming back safe and sound.

Then there's the Kult game I really REALLY wanted to try.

Ragnarok Online SUCKS
Really. It does.
It looked good. The packaging was sound.
But honestly, any game where you need to learn to fucking sit down needs psychological help. Its as stupid an idea as White Wolf Gaming Studio's RPG for Street Fighter (the video game) where something as fucking simple as jumping ALSO needs a skill. Honestly, how many people skilled enough to fight are totally inept in the area of jumping. God, even a handicapped person can hop. Or limp.

Ragnarok Online really sucked. Graphics were wonderful and had a touch of Final Fantasy Tactics, but the interface was clunkier than playing a Real-Time Strategy game like Starcraft on a console (which trust me was a horrible experience already).

And the laaaaaaag.
It was click - wait for a minute - character suddenly moves with the speed of a cheetah to the last clicked point, repeat ad infinitum.

Here's to hoping they fix the bugs and come out with a better one someday.

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