Wednesday, July 09, 2003

Just saw Being John Malkovich and now, I'm not sure if I'm me.
Interesting movie. More of a thriller actually than anything else. Black comedy, and no I don't mean skin-tone.
Found it to be an intriguing movie concept nicely developed and very interestingly executed.
Took me a while to realize it as Cameron Diaz in that movie! Poor John Cusack though... never saw being a puppeteer such a sad profession. Freaky though, his sexual tensions released through puppets...

Diliman issue 9
Its been all done, but until the new official DILIMAN WEBSITE is complete, I can't release it. I dunno... want it to be released at the same time I guess. Targetting this month for both's release.

Nearly Forgotten
Episode 9 has been released. I wonder if anyone has noticed.

I am turning into a cranky old man. This is scary. I need to be happy more often. Not ha-ha happy. Real happy. Probably should dip my toes back into making nonsensical weird stories and the like. Or maybe run more RPGs more often. Or maybe its a hint I'm ready to run a Demon game.

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