Sunday, July 27, 2003

And again, we all suffer...
Another coup d'etat has begun here in Manila.
Its a shame really. I don't really know what's worse:
a) The fact that our country has to suffer through these radical changes almost once every two to three years just to remind everyone that the corruption, creative stagnation and politicking has not helped the country
b) The fact that nothing really changes afterwards anyway.

As usual everyone has their list of usual suspects behind this.
As usual everyone has their own views on how it can be best dealt with.
As usual our economic slump is taking an ever lower nose-dive thanks to all this.
As usual the rich get richer, the poor get poorer and the middle class get caught in the middle feeling responsible and apathetic at the same time.

When I checked my blog online, there was a slightly pathetic attempt at being rude poster on my tag-board. Before I could even realise the insult was intended to frustrate me, I found myself recalling the current situation of the country. And you know what, that guy who posted is a great example of what's happening here.

You got people who think they know you and love to say things about you without realising that their words are actually more than worse. Their words are things that can be misunderstood to be truth, or misinterpreted to be an attack. When deep down, for all you know, the words could be intended as an attempt to open your eyes and help you become something better.

Or, like what I'm doing now, they could be weapons intended to hurt, and we're just too much of a fucking martyr to realise it.

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