Monday, June 23, 2003

Its a new day. A new week,
Just ended a roleplaying game yesterday (Dreaming) and held auditions for the upcoming Zoolander-meets-Charlie's Angels Models game. It was a blast! Four people attended the auditions and showed the panel a side of their gaming ability never seen before.

I like the fact that my hobbies keep me alive. And occupied. Whoever once said RPGs are a good escape definitely went through the stress I go through. Its a good escape, but in no means is it intended to replace life.

Have a host job to handle tomorrow. Be talking and tossing witty barbs at an officemate in front of over 100 people. That oughta be interesting. Its funny though, being reminded of the rules ("No green jokes... don't complain about low pay... etc") repeatedly since I am known for being obnoxious and very out-spoken.

Ah life.
Its good to be alive.

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