Friday, June 27, 2003

Friday at last!
Finally, a break from the labors of work. Handling two huge accounts is tiring, even when all you're handling for the moment is concept design. Well, a break is always good, so I'm embracing this one. Thank you Lord for the concept of weekends.

I have to post this apology to the group that was to play with me. Sorry to cause a cancel on the character creation session this weekend guys. I need to handle some stuff on Saturday and it would be best not to make you either wait for me to finish, or me to rush it to get it done. Well, July is a month of opportunities!

A virtual thank you to a friend who doesn't really know about my blog yet. She lent me Distance, Utada Hikaru's album and I must say I am in love with J-Pop all of the sudden. Consider me a late bloomer. Anyone out there with other recommendations? I met Utada thanks to the PS2 game, Kingdom Hearts, which by the way you all should try playing at least once in your life!

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