Tuesday, June 24, 2003

Been an interesting evening.

Just finished hosting the first Anniversary of my company. Had a blast adlibbing so much lines whenever weird stuff would happen. Technical difficulties were our neighbors tonight, it seemed. But still the show must go on, and go on it did so well that I must say all those compliments I got really boosted my ego.

Heck, I even got an invitation from one of the head honchos of the company to have my own show. Heh... hope he remembers in the morning.

Body aching all over, but then again the pain is good. Danced a bit. Had a glass of white wine. And had four San Mig Lites. What made the night stand out I guess was the moment I found myself being congratulated by the managers and the high position suits for a job well done. Its nice to know that I'm appreciated for work. And my efforts are noted.

As a side note, can't wait to get started on the soon to come NEW DILIMAN WEBSITE! No offense to Geocities, but they have run out of enough webspace for me. Time to move on. Can't wait to see if it'll work.

Lastly, the first ever RPG MUSICAL is very very ready for auditions. After all those films (Chicago, Moulin Rouge) and plays (Rent, Miss Saigon) its time to try and make it work as a RPG. I can't wait! Planning to record the whole session, convert it to an MP3 and post it online. Oooh... its going to be a blast!

Hope everyone else is doing fine! I just hope my toes won't turn black tomorrow. Leather shoes hate my perfect feet.

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