Thursday, October 07, 2004

Quickie Fiction: Happily ever After Again
He did it with her. He fucked her and let her suck his charming rod only to claim afterwards he was sorry. And the most annoying thing about it was that he did it again and yet still said he loved her.

She walked out of her room and stared out the window. She closed the drapes then wrapped her long beautiful hair into a bun that nearly doubled her height and walked down the long, winding steps down her tower. She had counted these steps in the past. Each step represented a past slight. A former mistake. An annoying faux passe that she had let slide from her suitors. After all, there was no perfect husband, that she knew. But there was sense in at least looking for someone who was worth ever after, right?

She moved past the growing thorns and vines that surrounded her castle's base and made her way through the darkened woods following the trail of breadcrumbs her neighbors leave each morning they go jogging. Then she waved a hello at Red who had learned to enjoy sleeping with her hirsute cross-dressing husband. (Inwardly, she cursed, recalling all her stories of their passionate love-making with his sado-masochistic urges of swallowing her whole and having her friends cut her out of his stomach while he slept. How they could manage to do it everynight without Tom or Thumbellina's latest blue hexagon pill remained to be seen.) She hopped over the lazy daisies that fluttered by the gurgling stream and then avoided the small pellets of rat shit that the pumpkin carriage's horses left behind.

She knocked on the door thrice, moved inside before her wicked aunt (who loved terrorizing all her cousins with her antics and poisonous thing for the week) could complain and made her way past the golden goose and the obviously sexually-exhausted Jack who had fallen asleep with the candlestick still stuck inside again.

"Are they doing it?" she asked the mirror and it, having learned from the past, asked in mock innocence, "Who?"

Glass shattered as she struck the mirror with her fist. She hated him. Hated him for being part of her life. Hated him for making her happy. Hated him for that perfect kiss, that wonderful smile, that beautiful sword that he knew how to use so well. He hated him because she did love him and he said so many things that she believed were true.

A pity, she realised, he was not a fable similar to the mirror who always spoke the truth.
Even if it hurt...

ever after.

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